Hello to all out there who read this post and maybe wondering, what is At Home by Benchmark and why is this website launch so important.  Well, I will attempt to answer those questions for you.  First, let us address the first thing, what is At Home by Benchmark.

At Home by Benchmark was founded in 2016 by the team at Benchmark in Macon, Georgia to provide in-home tech services as well as smart home technology services to the Middle Georgia area.  Today, At Home by Benchmark has expanded to include most of the Southeastern United States and has grown from ten faithful customers to over one thousand.  We are still a family-owned company that continues to believe in Quality Service, Each and Every Time.

Second, why is a new website so important.  Well, let us address that as well.  Our old website allowed for a few functions, such as looking at services and manually inputting service requests.  Meanwhile, the new At Home by Benchmark website allows customers to buy services, schedule appointments, see order statuses, and more via their desktops, laptops, or phone.  Giving our customers a choice in how they view and order our services.

And finally, a new look.  Our new website brings a new look and feel to go along with our updated products and services and we hope our customers will like them and take advantage of all the hard work we have put into building the new website.

Thanks for visiting!  See you here often!